Friday, March 23, 2012


155.8<----------  That number is the wonderful number I saw today on the scale!  While that isn't great that is the down from gulp 159.4 that I saw on Sunday and Monday morning.  I had my son's birthday party on Saturday and the week leading up to it included no working out on my part.  I ate pretty bad all weekend.  Therefore, I worked my ass off this week literally.  On Monday I didn't workout.  But on Tuesday night I did a ondemand cardio kickbox video and did 5 minutes on the elliptical.  I could have done longer (yes I said that) but I had to start dinner.  On Wednesday I did Bob Harper's extreme weight loss video not all of it because I didn't know it was longer and didn' have enough time before work but man oh man was I sore after I was done.  Right after!!!!  Then that night I pushed the boys in the stroller and we walked to the grocery store and back.  Thursday my thighs were so SORE!!!!!  I could hardly walk ha.  Today I had an early morning meeting so no working out.  But I like that number.  I am hopeful with this beautiful weather we are having to be able to get some more outdoor activity in and less eating but who knows.  I can only say I am going to try.  Any fun weekend plans?

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