Friday, April 6, 2012


Sorry things have been crazy as always.  I have been on spring break this week and only got two workouts in and one long walk but hey it was better then nothing.  So after fluctuating between 156-158.  Today I am 155.6.  I will take it.  I am really hoping to keep it off this time.  Hope you have a fabulous Easter weekend.

Friday, March 23, 2012


155.8<----------  That number is the wonderful number I saw today on the scale!  While that isn't great that is the down from gulp 159.4 that I saw on Sunday and Monday morning.  I had my son's birthday party on Saturday and the week leading up to it included no working out on my part.  I ate pretty bad all weekend.  Therefore, I worked my ass off this week literally.  On Monday I didn't workout.  But on Tuesday night I did a ondemand cardio kickbox video and did 5 minutes on the elliptical.  I could have done longer (yes I said that) but I had to start dinner.  On Wednesday I did Bob Harper's extreme weight loss video not all of it because I didn't know it was longer and didn' have enough time before work but man oh man was I sore after I was done.  Right after!!!!  Then that night I pushed the boys in the stroller and we walked to the grocery store and back.  Thursday my thighs were so SORE!!!!!  I could hardly walk ha.  Today I had an early morning meeting so no working out.  But I like that number.  I am hopeful with this beautiful weather we are having to be able to get some more outdoor activity in and less eating but who knows.  I can only say I am going to try.  Any fun weekend plans?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Weigh In

I have to say I was slightly disappointed when I got on the scale this morning I have been bouncing between 154.2-154.6 all week and then today on my weigh in day I weigh 155.6.  I think its do to I worked out Thursday morning for the first time since last Thursday and I was sore this morning so you know how you retain water but whatever.  I will still take a 1.6 lose after slowly gaining the last few weeks.  Let's hope I can just maintain this coming week.  My 2 year old is turning 3 so I will be busy all week with party planning so I am sure working out will go on the back burner.  Let's hope I can just atleast maintain.  Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I am sure all my readers the 2 of you that read were anxiously awaiting my weigh in results on Friday.  Well quite frankly I didn't want to weigh in.  It was that time of the month and I had been craving food and quite frankly I ate the food I craved for the most part.  I did workout 4 times during the week but I just felt blah and I didn't want the number to discourage me even more.  But yesterday I weighed in at.......156.4
and today I weighted in at 154.6 that is the lowest I have been since having baby number two who gasp in 6 days is turning sob 3!  So here is to continuing doing well with my weight lose.

Friday, February 24, 2012

whomp whomp wahhhh

Yay I finally have a post with a photo please excuse the messy bedroom.  Don't you love the pink scarf I made that with my mad sewing skills (or lack of them :))  So anyway my downward spiral of eating crappy continued I guess I hoped I could some how maintain and eat crap.  So not gonna happen.  I worked out last Friday, Tuesday and that is all I ate pretty bad in fact so bad I didn't count calories :( So today I got on the scale to 157.2  that is a 0.8 GAIN!!!!  My first gain since starting the diet in January.  I need to get myself back motivated.  I don't feel so disgusted with myself anymore and clothes are loose so I lose motivation.  What do you do when you start to lose momentum?  I need ideas folks.

Friday, February 17, 2012

156.4 STILL

I don't know how this happened.  I was horrible with Valentines.  I had a yummy dessert, I ate my leftover pasta the next day for lunch I had like 3 small snickers.  I was not good I only worked out on Saturday and Monday but thankfully I maintained.  And I have to be honest that is all I was going for this week.  But next week nothing should get in my way of kicking it into high gear.  I already worked out this morning and I will be a rockstar this week.  How did you all do with Valentines and your weight loss?

Friday, February 10, 2012


Today is my new weigh in and guess what?  I hit my lowest point I have been in years!!!!!!!  Can I get a whoot whoot?  Also I weighed in at 158.4 on Tuesday that means I lost 2 pounds in 3 days.  Yahoo!!!!!  I am having such a happy scale victory day.  I need to post a picture of what I look like and I will but today I am just wearing a hoodie, skinny jeans and boots nothing cute.  So I probably will post one on Monday.  Here is to a good weekend.  I plan to workout Saturday morning before cleaning and then try to eat healthy (for my weekends ha).  Here is to possibly being 154 (just maybe) next Friday.  Have a wonderful weekend my two followers ha.