Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 12 Results

I just want to cry.  I have been working out less and eating more I guess (though it doesn't seem like it) But I have gained 4 pounds this week.
On Friday here were my stats:
Starting weight:  166.2
Last week weight: 157.6
This week: Week 158.8
Then when I weighed this morning before working out I was 161.  After working out I was 160.4.  I am so DEPRESSED.  How did I gain so much in such a short period of time.  Here is to doing better with eating this week.  No more candy corns and caramels.

Friday, September 9, 2011

week 10 and 11 results

Sorry with Labor Day weekend I just didn't get to blogging last week.  But I did weigh in.  This week I have to admit I was HORRIBLE!!!  With the shortened week I totally used it as an excuse to blow my schedule.  I didn't work out once.  And I tried to eat okay but I did indulge in a donut twice (darn kids for always begging for them at the store) and some ice cream but I have been having a light yogurt everyday with some pretzels and then pretty healthy dinners.

Onto the results
Starting weight:  166.2
Last week weight: 157.4
This week: Week 10 157.6 gain of 0.2
This week: 157.4 lose of 0.2.  I really would like to see below 157 but then that means get to work girl.  Which I need to do.
a plus that happened.  We went camping with friends/ Jon's boss' daughters and their families we haven't seen them since December at their Christmas party.  They were all so sweet telling me how great I looked and what I had been doing. It was great to see that my hard work is noticeable.  I felt a little yay is me moment.

What was your yay is me moment lately?