Friday, April 6, 2012


Sorry things have been crazy as always.  I have been on spring break this week and only got two workouts in and one long walk but hey it was better then nothing.  So after fluctuating between 156-158.  Today I am 155.6.  I will take it.  I am really hoping to keep it off this time.  Hope you have a fabulous Easter weekend.

Friday, March 23, 2012


155.8<----------  That number is the wonderful number I saw today on the scale!  While that isn't great that is the down from gulp 159.4 that I saw on Sunday and Monday morning.  I had my son's birthday party on Saturday and the week leading up to it included no working out on my part.  I ate pretty bad all weekend.  Therefore, I worked my ass off this week literally.  On Monday I didn't workout.  But on Tuesday night I did a ondemand cardio kickbox video and did 5 minutes on the elliptical.  I could have done longer (yes I said that) but I had to start dinner.  On Wednesday I did Bob Harper's extreme weight loss video not all of it because I didn't know it was longer and didn' have enough time before work but man oh man was I sore after I was done.  Right after!!!!  Then that night I pushed the boys in the stroller and we walked to the grocery store and back.  Thursday my thighs were so SORE!!!!!  I could hardly walk ha.  Today I had an early morning meeting so no working out.  But I like that number.  I am hopeful with this beautiful weather we are having to be able to get some more outdoor activity in and less eating but who knows.  I can only say I am going to try.  Any fun weekend plans?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Weigh In

I have to say I was slightly disappointed when I got on the scale this morning I have been bouncing between 154.2-154.6 all week and then today on my weigh in day I weigh 155.6.  I think its do to I worked out Thursday morning for the first time since last Thursday and I was sore this morning so you know how you retain water but whatever.  I will still take a 1.6 lose after slowly gaining the last few weeks.  Let's hope I can just maintain this coming week.  My 2 year old is turning 3 so I will be busy all week with party planning so I am sure working out will go on the back burner.  Let's hope I can just atleast maintain.  Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I am sure all my readers the 2 of you that read were anxiously awaiting my weigh in results on Friday.  Well quite frankly I didn't want to weigh in.  It was that time of the month and I had been craving food and quite frankly I ate the food I craved for the most part.  I did workout 4 times during the week but I just felt blah and I didn't want the number to discourage me even more.  But yesterday I weighed in at.......156.4
and today I weighted in at 154.6 that is the lowest I have been since having baby number two who gasp in 6 days is turning sob 3!  So here is to continuing doing well with my weight lose.

Friday, February 24, 2012

whomp whomp wahhhh

Yay I finally have a post with a photo please excuse the messy bedroom.  Don't you love the pink scarf I made that with my mad sewing skills (or lack of them :))  So anyway my downward spiral of eating crappy continued I guess I hoped I could some how maintain and eat crap.  So not gonna happen.  I worked out last Friday, Tuesday and that is all I ate pretty bad in fact so bad I didn't count calories :( So today I got on the scale to 157.2  that is a 0.8 GAIN!!!!  My first gain since starting the diet in January.  I need to get myself back motivated.  I don't feel so disgusted with myself anymore and clothes are loose so I lose motivation.  What do you do when you start to lose momentum?  I need ideas folks.

Friday, February 17, 2012

156.4 STILL

I don't know how this happened.  I was horrible with Valentines.  I had a yummy dessert, I ate my leftover pasta the next day for lunch I had like 3 small snickers.  I was not good I only worked out on Saturday and Monday but thankfully I maintained.  And I have to be honest that is all I was going for this week.  But next week nothing should get in my way of kicking it into high gear.  I already worked out this morning and I will be a rockstar this week.  How did you all do with Valentines and your weight loss?

Friday, February 10, 2012


Today is my new weigh in and guess what?  I hit my lowest point I have been in years!!!!!!!  Can I get a whoot whoot?  Also I weighed in at 158.4 on Tuesday that means I lost 2 pounds in 3 days.  Yahoo!!!!!  I am having such a happy scale victory day.  I need to post a picture of what I look like and I will but today I am just wearing a hoodie, skinny jeans and boots nothing cute.  So I probably will post one on Monday.  Here is to a good weekend.  I plan to workout Saturday morning before cleaning and then try to eat healthy (for my weekends ha).  Here is to possibly being 154 (just maybe) next Friday.  Have a wonderful weekend my two followers ha.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So What Wednesday

So what if......
So what if I got our dates mixed up to get our taxes done and dropped the kids off even before I realized the mistake.
So what if I judged a natural beauty pageant on Saturday.
So what if I didn't eat the best food on Superbowl Sunday.
So what if I changed my weigh in day to help combate the "weekend gain".
So what if my camera isn't cooperating for my non scale victory photo for tomorrow.  (that's right I might actually have some more photos up)
So what if my blog is slightly boring right now.

What are you saying so what too?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Guess superbowl was worse for me then I thought but in all reality I was bad all weekend.  I can't help it I need to be better. I just do I was down to 156 then back up to 158.4.  So anyway back to weighing in on Fridays.  But I did get up this morning and rocked my bob harper dvd.  Here is to a better number on Friday and to keep it down!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Going back to Friday

I have decided I am going back to Friday weigh in's I don't like Tuesday's for my weigh in day its an odd day.  SO....I won't have my weigh in tomrrow but I will post this weeks results on Friday.  Gives me a few days to work off the super bowl yumminess :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

156.8 Baby That is 10 POUNDS

I did it guys I am back to being under 10 pounds so here are the results. I have side by side comparisons in the same outfit. (Don't mind the rollers lol)

                                                   Now                                                 10 Pounds heavier
Now                                              10 Pounds heavier
I see a big difference in this view and look at my abs that are starting once that fat is off!!!!
Now                                            10 pounds heavier
And here is the measurements comparisons:
January 2                January 29
Arms: 12.5               12.25 (-.25)
Waist: 40               38.75 ( -1.25)
Thigh:  26.25          25  (-1.25)
Calves:  15                    15 (same)
Knee: 16                15 (-1.0)
Hip:  43.5              42.75 (-0.75)
Bust:  41.5             38.75 (-2.75)
That is a total lose of 7.25inches off my body YES!!!!!!!
Now just 16.2 more pounds until my goal.  I will get there.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So What Wednesday

I am going to start a new weekly posting called:  So What Wednesday, I stole this from Mama Laughlin So basically you get to post a few so whats and feel better here we go.

*So what if this morning I weighted 158.8 (hey that is a lose of 0.2)
*So what if I didn't get up this morning to workout at 5 after staying up until 11:30 helping my husband butcher his elk.  UGH!
*So what if I totally got an oatmeal cookie at McDonalds after I picked up my kids and got them dinner.
*So what if I may not lose this week, I just can't GAIN!
*So what if I am totally looking forward to being bad on superbowl sunday (as long as I get back at it on Monday)
*So what if......
What is your so what if?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


So here it is I went from being down 2.4 pounds on Saturday morning to having only a lose of 1 pound for the week.  I could list reason and excuse after excuse but simply I just didn't eat well this weekend.  I will try to be good this week but it gong to be a tough week.  I won't be able to workout like I was.  But I will NOT skip my early morning workouts this week.  I WILL workout on Wednesday and Friday morning and then most likely on Saturday and Sunday as well.  I WILL eat as good as I can.  I really want to post my 10 pounds.  Then my 20 pounds and then my 30 pounds.  So here we go..................

Monday, January 30, 2012


What!!!!!!!!!!  That is the number I saw on the scale on Saturday morning which would have meant 0.4 more to go until 10 pounds I even took pictures and measurements.  THEN.......  I went to the circus with my kids and my mom I had popcorn and cotton candy.  THEN......we went to dinner and I had a chicken fajitas that is all I ate all day.  THEN....Sunday morning we went to breakfast and I had a cheese and ham omelete and a scone.  THEN..... I had two chicken patties.  Though I worked out this morning and yesterday the scale said 158.8.  Oh well I am back to being good!  But I will be done again to 157.  And beyond though probably not this week I have parent teacher conferences all week so I eat what the school provides and super bowl sunday but we shall see.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

158.8 WAHOO

That is right I saw that number on the scale which means 1.8 pounds until my 10 pound picutre reveal and measurements.  Here is to hoping its this week sometime.
How are you doing on your weight?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weigh In

So I was really good this week  I logged my calories every day I worked out on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I got my new DVD from Bob Harper.  I got 4 DVD's but I heard he was hard so  started with beginners weight loss DVD.  Well at first it was easy I was like I can so do these.  Well after 40 minutes I was dying (don't judge I am used to 20 minutes with Jillian Michaels, who I previously thought was the devil, not so....)  I felt great when I was done and I proceeded to clean my house.  Well Sunday morning all I can say is SORE.  My thighs were stiff as can be as was my lower back.  Well Jon's team (mine too) the 49ers were in the last round of the play offs so he had all sorts of yummies cheese ball (which surprisingly I skipped I love those things) chips (I only had a few), and here is where I caved ritz crackers and chicken wings.  I was good but worried I ate too much so I worked out that night after a super sad loss.  So all weekend I weighted 159.6 yes!!!!!  And Monday morning I weight 159.4 yes again this morning my weigh in morning 160.00  What the heck.  Oh well I plan to do the DVD of the Devil's again tonight and tomorrow morning.  Here is to being in the 150's for sure next week.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What the......

Okay so I was really good this week, I worked out on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.  I was down to 160.8 so that made me down TWO pounds. I was there for two days.  Then I was sore on Monday and Aunt Flow is visiting to so this morning I woke up to weighing 161.8.  So its still a lose of ONE pound but what the......  I was down TWO.  I was very depressed yesterday.  But today I got up and worked out this morning and I am recommited to being healthy in fact a cute girl and my school just asked if I wanted to order girl scout cookies and I turned her down.  Let's hope I can keep that will power up ha.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jealousy and 162.0

I am going to bear a very embarassing emotion with you all.  Do you ever feel jealous when someone is on a weight loss journey the same time as you?  I mean I am happy they are being successful and just because they are doesn't mean I wont be as well.  But I hate to admit but I feel jealous!  Why is it?  I need to work on not feeling this way and just think WAY TO GO you.  Just thought I would share that so far this week I have lost 0.8.  Here is to more weight coming off.  I sure hope it does as I have a 3 day weekend and I am not so good at sticking to the diet when I am home all day. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


That was the wonderful number I saw when I stepped on the scale today for my one week weign in.  When I weighed with my friend in the morning it said 163.8 with clothes on and she weighed 134.6.  I am so pumped that is a lose of 4.2 peeps that is AWESOME.  I know the first week is when the best results happen but hey any little bit helps.  I only worked out Wednesday, Friday, and Monday of the week.  I did the 30 day shred level 1 all 3 times.  I tried to stick to 1200 calories some days I was lower and some days a little higher.  Here is to a GREAT second week.
What did you try new this week?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


There has been a long absence since my last blog I attribute to the fact that I wasn't working out as much and I wasn't working on my diet and lets face it I didn't want to post the gains.  But in 2012 I am here to get back on the wagon.  I plan to get pregnant at the end of this summer and I don't want to get pregnant at 167 been there done that not gonna do it again.  My goal is to be 140 pounds when I get pregnant.  I would love to be less but I will take 140.  I would also like to be this weight bty May so I can look good this summer.  Do this I have implemented a few things. 
1.  My good friend from work is going to do weekly weigh ins with me so I am hoping that if I have to be accountable to her I will stay motivated and stop myself from putting certain things in my mouth.
2.  We are going to eat lunch together so that I will have to pack healthy lunch options as she will see what I am eating.  (accountability again)
3.  Try to work out atleast 3 times a week more if I can.
4.  I am going to aim to eat 1200-1400 calories a day.
5.  I plan to track my calorie intake with my calorie counter.
6. Blog so I can also feel accountable.
Here was my beginning weight 167 (the scale at work said 169.2) and friends 138    
 Now                   In July
Bust : 41.5                   40 (+1.5)
 Waist: 40                   41 (-1)          
Hip:   43.5      44 (-0.5)  
Arms:  12.5          12.25 (+.25)
Thighs:  26.25        26.25 (same)
Knee:  16              15.75 (+.25)
Legs 15.25               15.25 (same)
Weight 167  166.2 (+.08)