Monday, January 30, 2012


What!!!!!!!!!!  That is the number I saw on the scale on Saturday morning which would have meant 0.4 more to go until 10 pounds I even took pictures and measurements.  THEN.......  I went to the circus with my kids and my mom I had popcorn and cotton candy.  THEN......we went to dinner and I had a chicken fajitas that is all I ate all day.  THEN....Sunday morning we went to breakfast and I had a cheese and ham omelete and a scone.  THEN..... I had two chicken patties.  Though I worked out this morning and yesterday the scale said 158.8.  Oh well I am back to being good!  But I will be done again to 157.  And beyond though probably not this week I have parent teacher conferences all week so I eat what the school provides and super bowl sunday but we shall see.

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