Tuesday, January 31, 2012


So here it is I went from being down 2.4 pounds on Saturday morning to having only a lose of 1 pound for the week.  I could list reason and excuse after excuse but simply I just didn't eat well this weekend.  I will try to be good this week but it gong to be a tough week.  I won't be able to workout like I was.  But I will NOT skip my early morning workouts this week.  I WILL workout on Wednesday and Friday morning and then most likely on Saturday and Sunday as well.  I WILL eat as good as I can.  I really want to post my 10 pounds.  Then my 20 pounds and then my 30 pounds.  So here we go..................

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Neha said...

Don't worry...you will reach your target. Keep on the hard work.

Love and hugs :)