Tuesday, January 3, 2012


There has been a long absence since my last blog I attribute to the fact that I wasn't working out as much and I wasn't working on my diet and lets face it I didn't want to post the gains.  But in 2012 I am here to get back on the wagon.  I plan to get pregnant at the end of this summer and I don't want to get pregnant at 167 been there done that not gonna do it again.  My goal is to be 140 pounds when I get pregnant.  I would love to be less but I will take 140.  I would also like to be this weight bty May so I can look good this summer.  Do this I have implemented a few things. 
1.  My good friend from work is going to do weekly weigh ins with me so I am hoping that if I have to be accountable to her I will stay motivated and stop myself from putting certain things in my mouth.
2.  We are going to eat lunch together so that I will have to pack healthy lunch options as she will see what I am eating.  (accountability again)
3.  Try to work out atleast 3 times a week more if I can.
4.  I am going to aim to eat 1200-1400 calories a day.
5.  I plan to track my calorie intake with my calorie counter.
6. Blog so I can also feel accountable.
Here was my beginning weight 167 (the scale at work said 169.2) and friends 138    
 Now                   In July
Bust : 41.5                   40 (+1.5)
 Waist: 40                   41 (-1)          
Hip:   43.5      44 (-0.5)  
Arms:  12.5          12.25 (+.25)
Thighs:  26.25        26.25 (same)
Knee:  16              15.75 (+.25)
Legs 15.25               15.25 (same)
Weight 167  166.2 (+.08)

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Just A Girl said...

Good luck on your weight loss! Stay motivated and be accountable--that will really help :) (I found your blog through a comment you left for Whitney and I will be cheering you both on!)