Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So What Wednesday

I am going to start a new weekly posting called:  So What Wednesday, I stole this from Mama Laughlin So basically you get to post a few so whats and feel better here we go.

*So what if this morning I weighted 158.8 (hey that is a lose of 0.2)
*So what if I didn't get up this morning to workout at 5 after staying up until 11:30 helping my husband butcher his elk.  UGH!
*So what if I totally got an oatmeal cookie at McDonalds after I picked up my kids and got them dinner.
*So what if I may not lose this week, I just can't GAIN!
*So what if I am totally looking forward to being bad on superbowl sunday (as long as I get back at it on Monday)
*So what if......
What is your so what if?

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Neha said...

Liked the idea...good post :)