Monday, August 8, 2011

emotional eater

That's me I am an emotional eater.  Have been for years, since I was a teenager.  There is some uncertainy at my job right now and I am STRESSING big time and lets just say I can't stop eating.  I took my boys to the park and we stopped and got a little ceasers pizza I ate like 3 bread sticks, then we went to cold stone with a friend and I got a medium sized cake batter with rasberries and I really want to eat some marshmelllow cereal.  I need to stop.  I am already up a pound from goign camping this weekend.  I did workout this morning but still.  I need to stop this cycle of emotional eating. 

What do you do to when your stressed?

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Ashlee said...

i used to be really bad at this, food would always make me feel better and i would always look forward to food when i was down or stressed. i feel ya!
now that im married im not as bad cause i dont eat inbetween meals really and i just stick to smaller portions.
maybe just pick one food or drink that you find yourself going to when your feeling bad instead of eating alot of different things just find one thing you can go to and just eat it in moderation. mine is coke. i love it and it makes me feel better so ill just go to that instead of eating and eating whatever i see or waht makes me feel better