Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekly Results

Well here it is another week has gone by.  I was SHOCKED when I got on the scale this morning.  For two reasons.  One I have had a weird stomach thing all week, so I haven't really been eating and its made my stomach just ache so the thought of doing exercise and crunching those stomach muscles ugh!!  Plus I went back to work.  So let's face it, it wasn't a good week.  But all week I have been weighing and I was fluxuating between 156-157.5 and then bam the number I got this morning was HUGE!  Aunt Flow is here visitng so I would like to blame her too.  But oh well whatever.  Next week is a new week and I WILL get back on the bandwagon!  So here it is:

Starting weight:  166.2
Last week weight: 157.6
This week: 158.8

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