Friday, July 22, 2011

Week 4 weigh in

This week has been interesting as far as my eating and exercise has gone.  I worked out on Friday.  Then we went camping at the cabins by Bear River.  I packed licorice, gummy bears, cookies, things for s'mores, light yogurt, apples, turkey sandwiches, and a few other healthier food.  I was so worried I was going to over eat.  Well the licorice, gummy bears, and cookies came home uneaten, the only "bad" things I ate wer the s'mores and the poptarts.  The rest of the time I was really good and I was walking around a lot.  When I came home and weighed in the middle of the afternoon my weight was 160. something I was so happy to see I LOST not gained. 

I worked out Monday, Tuesday, and Friday so not a whole lot.  I had family that came into town on Wednesday so that is what happened to my workouts on those days.  Then yesterday I watched movies with my mom and had most of the licorice.  GASP!  Then we had sloppy joes for dinner I did forgo the bun though.  Well enough excuses here is my weigh in results:

Starting weight:  166.2
Last week weight: 161
This week: 158.8
That's a LOSE of 2.2 YAHOO!!!
Its been a month since I started this journey and I now have a lose of 7.4 this month.  A little less then I was hoping for but I will take it I could have that weght still on me or more then likely more.  So ya.  Here is to aleast 5 more pounds next month. 2 more pounds and I will post my first 10 pound progression pictures and measurements.

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Ashlee said...

way to go lacie!
ihave decided that i am going to do my stuff on my own blog but you have been super inspiring! keep it up!