Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 2

So I weighed at the beginning of day 2 (said I was slightly scale obsessed) and I was 165.0.  Yahoo down 1.2 pounds in a day.  Not typical and I KNOW it will slow down but I will take it!

I work up and was sore so I guess even though I though level 1 was easy it still gave me a workout.  I decided to do level 1 again then I did a Denise Austin Ab workout for 8 minutes ondemand.  Then for lunch I took the boys down to my mom's house and we all walked from her house to the park for a picnic and so the boys could play on the playground.  Can I just say I am not ready for the big heat up.  Though I didn't love all the rain we had been getting I did love the cooler temps.  70's I'll take 80's not so much 90's go away ha!

I tried a new recipe for diner and I must say yum!  I don't think my family loved it but they will get used to trying new things.

Breakfast: 0 pts
Lunch: baby spinach spring salad 0 pts, lite ranch dressing 2 pts. water=2 pts
Dinner:  Italian Sausage (Jenny-0) 4 pts., zucchini, garlic, and tomatos, on brown rice 4 pts.=8 pts
Snack: 2 swedish fish and mini donut (I need to stop giving in to the kids because Cason doesn't eat them then they tempt me) 4 pts.
Total of 16 pts or 820 calories.

This is what I had for dinner!

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