Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taking the Plunge

Welcome to my weight lose blog. More then anything this blog is just for me but I would love it if others decided they liked it and commented. I have struggled with my weight since 6th grade. I have just turned 27 so basically for the last 15 years of my life I have been dissatisfied with my weight. And most of that time I have done nothing but be upset about it. Well its time to stop being dissatisfied and be satisfied. I am going to go from fat to fab in no time flat! Or so I hope :)

I am hoping this blog will not only help motivate me but to also help me feel accountable. I often get motivated for about a month (if that) then I let my motivation go. I don't feel accountable to anyone but myself and that hasn't been what helps me in the past I need to have some sort of accountability for what I put in my mouth so I hope this blog will become this for me.

So...Starting on June 22, 2011 I am going to end this endless cycle and I am going to get to my goal weight. I want to weigh 130 pounds. I would love to weigh less but I am going to go for something attainable, some where I have been before and once I reach that goal we will go from there. November 9, 2011! This is the date that I want get on the scale and weigh 130 pounds. If I weigh less then great but I don't want to weigh more!!! So here it goes I give myself 20 weeks to lose almost 40 pounds. Tomorrow I will take my beginning progression picture, my measurements, and my weight.

Here is the plan. I have done weight watchers in the past (post on this later) and been very successful. Its really easy for me to count my calories doing this so for a start I am going to follow the weight watchers points system. I want to workout atleast 4 times a week 5 if I can but atleast 4 times. I will do either the Jillian Micheals Shred video, weight watchers video and/or atleast 15 minutes on the elliptical. So welcome to my journey and I hope you enjoy it.

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